Library Rules and Guidelines

    The library has a collection of carefully selected books suited to the interests of the children in various stages of their emotional life and intellectual development. Each child is encouraged to read at least six books in an academic year.

  1. There is an open access system in the library.
  2. Do not misplace books on shelves. A misplaced book is a lost book.
  3. If you cannot find the books, the librarian/teacher in charge will be glad to help you.
  4. Students should observe complete silence in the library.
  5. Reference books/magazines may be consulted during library hours but won't be issued.
  6. News papers or magazines shall not be removed from the respective places in the library.
  7. Only one book will be issued on the library card for seven days only. The librarian may call for the book at any time even if the normal period of the loan has not expired. Book used for longer duration may be got renewed.
  8. If a book is not returned on its due date an overdue charge of Rupee One per day will be charged.
  9. If the library card is lost, a fine of Rs.5/- will be charged.
  10. Books are embodiments of knowledge. Handle them carefully.