Rules for Students

  1. Students must be punctual. Reporting time on all days will be five minutes before the first bell. Entry will not be permitted after 5 minutes of the first bell.
  2. All students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed.
  3. I-Card is a compulsory part of school uniform and hence should be carried to school daily. In case of loss damage the student will have to pay Rs. 50/- for reissue of the same.
  4. Students are not allowed to meet visitors during school hours. Lunch /Tiffin boxes will NOT be delivered to the child under any circumstance.
  5. Cell phone and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited within the school premises.
  6. School property must be taken care of by the students. Writing or scribbling on the walls or causing damage to school property will be treated as breach of discipline.
  7. Overall 75% attendance is compulsory during the academic year. No student will be absent from school without obtaining prior sanction from the Principal. A leave application duly signed by the parent must be submitted to the class teacher in advance.
  8. In case of illness of more than 3 days, a medical certificate by a registered medical practitioner should be enclosed along with the leave application.
  9. Students suffering from infectious 1 contagious disease shall, under no circumstance, be permitted to attend the school until fully recovered.
  10. Above class Vth Birthday dress in School is not allowed.
  11. Students must take care of their belongings. Articles like expensive watch, costly pens and Jewellery should be avoided. The school will not be responsible for goods lost.
  12. Shouting, Whistling, Bulging and using abusive language will be considered as breach of discipline.
  13. It’s compulsory for the students above 15 years to wear helmet & keep license while driving two wheeler. Otherwise they will not be allowed to enter in the school Premises.