Transport Rules

  1. Unauthorized travelling in the school bus is viewed as a serious offence and can lead to a fine of Rs. 500/-
  2. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school by ensuring that their children travelling in the buses report at their embarking points well on time, carry their identity card with them all the time and behaving in a disciplined way in the interest of their own safety as well as of the other users.
  3. Vandalism such as breaking window-panes, tearing and cutting of seat covers, defacing the interior of the bus and any other related offence will result in heavy damage penalty and expulsion from the facility.
  4. Parents are requested to study the specified routes and opt for those which suit them the best. Please remember that it is not possible to cater to individual requirement at the cost of time and distance.
  5. In case there is a genuine grievance, it should be submitted in writing to the teacher in charge of the bus or to the Principal.
  6. The use of bus facility cannot be discontinued in the middle of a session. It may, however, be discontinued latest by 10th July, in case of transfer/change of address, after submitting an application to the Principal 15 days in advance.